Some people are using drawing pads for the Wrong use



The title is self-explanatory.

Why am I doing this?

Someone in Hopscotch used my drawing pad in remixed it with his drawing.
Now, its the image that shows the drawing that made me mad and go crazy.

He drew an drawing of- you know what, super duper mega uber inappropriate stuff. So I reported it, then I thought, is this happening to others too?

Comment below if this happened to you too... I would like to know, and I REALLY wish that project goes away, cus its freaking me out and it's highly uber inappropriate.

My message to those kinds of people, please, the Internet is for learning, not for stuff unsuitable to kids like -content censored-, okay?

I can't show you a screenshot because of two reasons.

  • My power button is broken (somehow, I use the home button to switch the iPad on.)
  • the picture is inappropriate so I don't want ANYONE to see it otherwise, this topic would be flagged.


You did the right thing reporting that boy! By the way, do you know that when the do a screenshot you have to hold down the power and home buttons at the same time


It's good that you reported him. We wouldn't want to see those kinds of projects "floating" around hopscotch


Here is the answer: if you have a drawing pad get rid of any normal brown or neon red because those colors can be used to make inappropriate drawings!


but then you can't draw trees and hair! but it's still a good idea! and I know what inappropriate stuff you mean


My drawing pad was just a basic one, only black, the guy called Chaos :anger: did the drawing, and also, anyone would use any colour to draw bad stuff.


I just checked that person's profile and saw nothing inappropriate so thankfully that means that project is gone, and it's thanks to you for helping to keep the Community safe :smiley:


Phew it's gone! You should next time (let's hope there isn't a next time) email the hopscotch team, tell them what happened and what/who did what and even better a screenshot of you can. @Liza @Ian @Rodrigo @alish


Yes, I have seen people do similar things. Thanks for reporting and making Hopscotch better!