Some of my best projects!


Reflex! Reflex is a game that I created a while back, and it is glitchy because of that, but I still think that it is a good game!
Intruders! Intruders is also a game that I created a while ago, and it is also glitchy, but it is really fun!
Soccer Pass! Another fun but glitchy game that was created back in the day. Again, these games were never really popular, but they are part of my favorite projects!
Thunderguy Storm! For some reason, this odd game got likes and views really quickly (though sadly not for long).
Stick Guy Fight! Graphics based on an online game called “Get on Top,” (I have no idea why its called that) Stick Guy Fight is a simple fighting game for two players.
My Fidget Spinner! 1.0! A fidget spinner game. You get to customize your fidget spinner and stuff. Not to brag or anything, but its actually better than all other fidget spinner games I’ve seen.

cODe DraW! v1! Another really cool but unnoticed game. :frowning_face: Its a game were you use similar to Hopscotch code to create pattern art.
ThunderNews :tm: #1! This game oddly only ever got one like (mine, lol), and that’s weird because I actually think it looked really good.
Make a Loading Screen! This is the game that got the most likes in my game making career so far, because it looks really similar to the Hopscotch loading screen. I’m actually going to update it because I can make it better now, though.
The End Of Hopscotch! I still think this was a great idea for a movie thingy.! I think this would be a great idea for a real “io” game. Its pretty fun and addicting like an “io” game. Its just that its limited.
THIS IS JUST PART ONE! (I got tired of just typing. lol.)


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