Some of my 10 tips to being helpful on the forum!

I feel that sometimes people need to be reminded how to behave and respect others (including me) on the forum so here are some tips:

1.) Such a universal rule but yet people retain to following it.

Respect others! Treat each other the way you want to be treated!

Just because someone’s on the other side of a screen doesn’t mean they won’t get hurt when you say something rude to them!

It is so important, in real life you wouldn’t be acting rude to someone you didn’t know, so why do it here?

2.) If there is a problem ignore it, either flag it or email a member of THT. You’ll just give the troll ‘what they’re craving for’ [credit to @Liza for the quote]!

3.) Don’t copy others, always credit them. I think this is a very important one because people often forget it or don’t think it matters as much, but guess what it does! I have met some people who have gotten their work copied over and over again and that’s not fair!

Yes, I get that feeling when something appeals to you so much and you love it and you just want to copy it! But you shouldn’t, not without their permission that is!

It hurts a lot when people mindlessly copy your work (whether it’s art or coding or a joke you made!) without even thinking twice, it can even take the inspiration out of you!

So please don’t or at least credit and ask them beforehand!

4.) Try to stay on topic, let’s admit it the forum has slowly drifted away from staying on topic which is a bit controversial [on the forum].

I get sometimes you may want to start a conversation with someone, but please tag them in a general topic or something similar.

After all that’s what the general topic tag is for!

5.) Keep your information private!

Don’t go sharing around your last name or address! That’s basic information and you all probably already know that but I think it is still a good reminder!

So just don’t share your personal information!! Including your ad.dress, emaïl (maybe), last name, school, etc.! Things you wouldn’t share with a stranger!

6.) Don’t take things too seriously!

I take things way to seriously, and should try to stop that habit! And I don’t mean to just ignore or disregard things like bullying, teasing, etc. but don’t correct everyone all the time.

It’s annoying and unnecessary, so just think before you say.

7.) Respect THT!

This may not be a big topic, but some people always criticize THT. And even though they are grown ups and it may not affect them that much. You still shouldn’t act like that, especially if you’re active on the forum, that’d make you a bit of a hypocrite.

I feel like I usually have to thank THT because I wouldn’t have ever been interested in coding or STEM/STEAM without their help. Yes I may only know a basic amount of coding, but it makes me happy to know that I had the opportunity to learn something as useful as that!

So thank you so much THT! :)

8.) Make your posts useful

This may be similar to ‘Stay on Task’ but it is still important, don’t just reply with useless things like ‘I don’t care,’ or ‘deal with it.’ It clutters the topic and makes it hard to find what you need.

It’s such a simple thing but some people still don’t follow it.

9.) Be happy!

I don’t mean for you to be happy all the time or act fake. That’s impossible, but don’t come on the forum if you don’t enjoy it. Don’t feel obligated to post, when you come on you should be happy not sad.

So if you need to take a break, then take a break! It helps take it from me!

10.) Repeat and respect these rules and always think before posting!

This may seem overwhelming but if you know that something’s going to hurt someone just don’t post it. It’s so simple and it just makes the forum a better place and sometimes makes you happier!

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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Thank you so much! I’m glad that I could be of help to this forum!


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Don’t delete Kayro’s GT. She puts important stories and notes there that she doesn’t have anywhere else. So maybe, THINK before FLAGGING to suspension?

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Your role plays are funny and good not going to lie.

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This is a really good and helpful guide to the forum! Awesome work!

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Well said! This is really helpful :clap: