Some News. Please Read (And an Annoument)


So...recently, I haven't been coding much (yeah). Well, I'm really not sure if I like coding anymore. So....I'm quitting coding.
I hate being a quitter, but I genuinely don't enjoy it, so....yeah.
I'm not quitting Hopscotch or the forum! Don't worry! I'll still be on HS liking and viewing projects and those kinds of things. And nothing will change for me on the forum.
Also, I won't on on a at all from this coming Sunday to the Saturday after it- so I'll be gone for about seven days. I wanted to go ahead and notify you guys, and ask the mods (@PopTart0219, @Kiwicute2016) how this will affect me being a regular.


Not to sound rude, but isn't the point of HS to code? Just liking projects isn't really the point....


I know. I just don't want to quit Hopscotch.
Please help. I need advice.


Maybe the type of coding isn't your thinks! Maybe try pixel art, leave a trail art, emojitecture, but don't give up quite yet! Your a great cider! I think you should give it a second chance!


Thank you, that helps


I'm glad! I'll be starting up coding again once I get back in school! For now I'm just hoping to remember what I've practiced XD


I think you should keep coding!
You don't have to do it as much, but don't quit!


I'll try not to. :slight_smile:
Like @Malie said, I'll probably just try some thing new.


I've decided to not be too negative on "quitting" topics, sorry if I sounded pushy!


You didn't. :wink:
I admire your positivity. :slight_smile:


Thank you ;u;
That means a lot. :blush:


I thinks ok if she doesn't code and just like. Thats all my friend does. And, sometimes I think its ok to just enjoy what the community is up to.
Be aware that that is the one and only comment I read in this topic.


I think you mean "coder"