Some new changes


Hey guys! Just wanna update you, because I've been getting a lot of notifs recently and I think we have said this before but I wanna make it official: We don't do title requests anymore. People who have their titles can keep them, and we might change some every once in awhile, but for the most part, no more titles. Thanks!

EDIT: Every time kiwi gets a notif of you asking for a title you have to pay her $2 paypal -Kiwi
EDIT EDIT: Every time kiwi or I gets a notif of you asking for a title you have to pay me $2 paypal -Me
EDIT EDIT EDIT: Every time I (kiwi) get a notification of you asking for a title, BAS has to pay me $2 paypal.~KC

Wait, So How Do Custom Titles Work Again?
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Comment on Titles!

Ok! :D

Thanks for telling us!


Okay, I asked not to long ago so when you got s chance of you wanted but that's fine!:slight_smile:


:P Okey, I'm fine as using my location thingy as my title.
What if we don't have a PayPal? What if we ask Kiwi for our title to stay the same? Is that 2 dollars in our PayPal? Does PayPal accept chakin? Potato? Memes? Laiks?


Ima keep my swag title


Im so confused


@kiwicute2016 how do i pay $2


Through paypal.


where do i pay it on paypal


Um, can we pay you in Hopscotch likes for a title?


Thanks a lot. I never saw this topic. I don't even know what PayPal is.


@kiwicute2016 give me link to the paypal and give me title "thank."


I can see the headline now:
12 year old child scams people into paying her $2 on paypal

Kiwicute exposed!!!!!!


I'm not going to give you a title, but you still have to gimme $2.


but how do i pay to you



She didn't say she was going to give out titles for $2...




Just kidding! Well this is a weird section of the forum... I'm going to leave bai1



I is vry heppi I alredy hav title


Ok. I'll stop asking XD

Btw, how do you get a paypal


Jk it's a joke
Just sign up
But it requires like ur billing stuff