Some mixed news!


Hey guys in the summer I know it's a while a way but we do this thing called screen free summer so we don't get on any video games the whole summer and this goes to hopscotch to!:confused: so I will have some days were I can get on screens but I can't get on often! So sorry guys but I understand my moms idea!


Wow no ones on! It's Saturday woo!


Ok :frowning:


Yeah I know but right now let's live in the present


I'm on academic classes/camps for almost the whole summer :sob:


The present. The present of waffles...


That looks like a unicorn to me!


It is....
A unicorn.....


Yes but oh we live in The waffle with the unicorn! The unicorns. Name is bob and he loves to shoot rainbows like unikitty on her flying coo coo machine in Lego deminsons and she loves all the bright colors so the unicorn does to! Tada anyways BOT


I am a guy! Why do you ask?


Ok, I was just wondering.



Oh okay!


Another question, I noticed you have two accounts. Which one do you use more often?


Huggingfluffybear 2 but I will make a q and a for me so you can ask questions there!


I know summer is a long time away... But I got some bad news.

I have a school iPad!

why it's important

I don't have school in the summer. And since I have a school iPad and there will be no school, it will be taken away for the summer. So I cannot go on hopscotch. Therefor I will be gone for a while. But I'll be back in da fall!


To bad a lot of people have school iPads if only you won the holiday contest!


That's why I worked so hard to win:cold_sweat: But I didnt


Yeah.. a lot of people have school iPads. If you have a computer or phone, at least you can go on the forum !


Yeah. I have a phone that I can use to go on the forum.


Thats good then! Maybe by summer THT will have made Hopscotch on iPhones or Android, or you might have gotten your own iPad. Anyway, I'm gonna go back to the present. :wink: