Some Inactivity


Hey everybody, I'm going on vacation for a week! The first two or three days I have no internet, so I won't be able to visit the forum. The rest of the trip I MIGHT have Internet. Don't expect me to be online for about five days. If I do have Internet I will be on mornings and nights. Thanks for understanding!


BTW- Would I lose my regular from being gone for a week?


I'm going on vacation in a couple of minutes, if you want to tell me anything, tell me now.


Have fun!
I don't think you'll lose regular, but I don't really know.


Have array time ! I hole you enjoy ! Where are u going ?


Have a nice vacation! :D
Have fun! :D


Okay, thanks! I'm going to a family reunion.


I'm going to a family reunion, thanks!


Bai! See you in a week!


Also, I love your profile picture! XD



It's an attempt to stop pt from changing it to Philly XD


That's the perfect thing to do! XD


Have fun!! :D

And no, you'll only lose regular if you haven't on in like a few months.


Oh, ok! Thanks! See you later!


Have fun! (^O^)/


Bai! See you in five days!


See you! :slight_smile:


See you!




Bye Frenpai! Have fun!!!!


Ok, have fun on vacation!