Some Important News



Hi Hopscotchers!

We want to talk about something really important and exciting:

As you know, Hopscotch has been completely free (minus a few characters that you could live without :wink: ) for 3 years.

We were able to do this because some good people with money believed in our mission and gave us ~$2 million to build Hopscotch. This was an incredible opportunity for us to get started with Hopscotch and build everything you see today. It has allowed us to cover all the costs of running Hopscotch: salaries for our team of 8, our server costs (which keep going up as more and more people join Hopscotch!), the cost of the many other software services we use to run Hopscotch, and our rent in New York City.

But borrowing money while not making money is not a sustainable way to run a business. That would be like if you had a lemonade stand and you gave the lemonade away for free and then to cover your lemonade costs you kept borrowing money from your parents. :upside_down: Completely backwards, right? You need to charge for the lemonade. :lemon: :dollar:

So, while we would love to have Hopscotch be completely free forever, we are at a point where—if we want Hopscotch to exist for a long time (and obviously we all want that :D)—we need to start making our own revenue.

This is what we're thinking right now:
* Hopscotch will be available as a subscription app. As a subscriber, you’ll get to use all the features we currently have, plus tons of other cool ones that we’ll build over time (think: new, more powerful code blocks :joy:!!).
* Because our goal is to make coding accessible to everyone, you will still be able to use some portion of Hopscotch if you don’t want to or can’t pay. This experience will just be more limited than that of subscribers.
* The price will be very affordable -- right now we're thinking the cost of 3 candy bars a month. :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar:

This is big news, but hopefully it also makes sense. When you think about it… it’s actually really exciting because if we do this right, we’ll be able to make Hopscotch even better for you, for a long, long time. We’ll be able to pay for our servers and community to keep running, and for a team to build all those features you want -- like comments, grouping blocks, importing art, hashtags, importing sounds... :scream:

We care a lot about your perspective and thoughts on this. So next Friday, May 27th, we’re hosting a Hopscotch Community Call to talk more about what’s coming. Please join us and RSVP here.


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You are cool. I'm Awsome Johnson.


@asha, I can't see the form because I need your permission.


Smart idea! A donation website or something like that could increase the amount of money you guys make, and I think a lot of people will support the group with this!

Also, you could sell some merchandise on your website, like plush characters or hopscotch character stickers, or something like that.


Maybe a Hopscotch Rubik's cube? With a different character on 5 sides then a hopscotch logo on the last one.


Dats a good Idea, @Asha! Makes total sence! I'd love to donate :3
(Rawry dat is a cat face nit a but face)


Great idea @asha, we all want to keep hopscotch going for ages and ages!
How much will it be?


What if some people CAN'T pay for it but already have it? That would be a bummer.



throws money


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What would we do?
EDIT: If we couldn't pay?


Maybe a free version with all the blocks and features we have right now, and a "go pro" option? The go pro option would have all the added features that you talked about.

I can discuss further with some ideas I have, :slight_smile:


So all of the current features are free, but any other "new" features will cost money? I don't want any of the current features to go.


I know, but its for a very good cause!


That would be a huge bummer. I don't want to quit hopscotch because I need meney


I don't have access... But I would donate money to you! I have money I just don't have a way to give it to you XP


Me neither XD


I dont know if I would be able to afford much (what if they are very expensive chocolate bars lol) but i really dont want to heave to quit, u guys are all my family <3


I mean if some current features get locked, then that'll be bad.


We are all family here pplz