Some ideas for game controls



A little while ago I was thinking about how we could make the controls in our games better. I have come up with a few ideas which I am trying to apply in my projects.

  1. Try to make something that can be used with only one or two fingers.

    This would be helpful to people who don't have stands for their devices.

  2. If possible, try not to use buttons

    Try to allow big areas for people to tap without obscuring part of the game. For example, in my game Cloud Jumper I used buttons for controls, when a better way to do it would have been to make pressing on the left or right side of the screen move you in that direction, and tapping in the top of the screen make you jump. This way, you wouldn't have to have your fingers down at the bottom of the screen.


Well, at least now you’re thinking.

Great topic! This is very helpful and even helps me.




What if I said “hello”


I agree with this topic


Great idea!


Cool ideas! I’ve used them sometimes, and in my simple game “Swipe”, for example, you can swipe your finger all over the screen. But I might try to apply a few of these to my future projects. Great topic! :+1:


Alternatively, use buttons (to make the controls more intuitive) coupled with coding so the user can push a larger area (so the user doesn’t have to worry about pressing the button exactly)

Take for example Hill Climb Racer

A press anywhere on the right half of the screen activates the right pedal, while a press anywhere on the left half of the screen activates the left pedal.


These are great ideas!! Thanks!


dude i planned a whole game line with mostly motion controls for multiplayer


Another idea would be to implement a way do detect if you swipe in different patterns. That could be useful for example in parkour games.