Some How-to lists of specific codes (because I cannot post videos)



Does anyone want some code help in a tutorial? I'm open for suggestions! Anything from one of my projects can be done!



Can you help me with leave a trail art?


Okay, anything specific?


Maybe, 3D trail art. (Making things 3D)


On it, but it will take a bit of time.


Hmm, the video can't upload...


Can I make a tutorial in the app for you?
What's your username?


can you make a tutorial on 3d backgrounds


I'm Funny_in_the_Sunny.


Can you help me out with implementing different kinds of brushes in a draw pad with custom colors? Thanks!


Go to your remixes, I did it


It can take time, depending on the # of colours, but here's how...
1. Go into the code and decide on what each brush will do, and create a value, mine was 'mode'

  1. Make controls to switch modes (increase/decrease value)

  2. In the actual drawing character, (pen) for each trail block, have a few "check once if" blocks

  3. Each check once if is to check the mode/brush value

  4. Create your effect for each brush

  5. For an example, check out my draw pad, but it is a little different with only modes for basic colours.

This may be a bit hard to describe because 'in app recordings' in hopscotch cannot be uploaded, I tried to make a video and post it here, earlier.


Ok! Thanks! Do you think a pad with 120 colors and the modes will make it very laggy? I'm scared about the lag part of the code


Depends, it might work better with many separate rules, rather than a few complicated ones, but the main problem is that it takes time.
I don't know about you, but I'm super lazy!


I'm lazy too XD oh well, I'll just see how it goes


Yeah, I still haven't finished a lot of stuff in my draw pad :sweat_smile:


Could you teach me sine and cosine artwork?


Lol yea sin and cos is like a no for me


I tried before

And I made a straight line :stuck_out_tongue:


I made half a circle XD