Some Hopscotch Ideas, Stuff The Hopscotch Team Should Add


@Liza @Hopscotch A while ago (2 months or so) I decided that I might leave Hopscotch for the following reasons - 1.New Editor (I don't really like it to much because I'm way more efficient with the old one) 2. I thought Hopscotch would go down since they weren't pulling in any money, but now they are.

Now that I'm back I thought of a few ideas that will improve Hopscotch.

  1. See how many followers you have -
    I know people have always wanted this, but I think it is crucial that we have it because people will have goals to reach a higher follower amount which means they will make more games that will please the public.

  2. Some new blocks -
    I know I talked about how they should add new blocks , but I thought of some ones that are pretty awesome to have - 1. Add a value with text (I know you might be like what do you mean, I mean like where you can add say for a $ with a value which could be money, if you still have no idea what I mean I'll put some code next to this so the hopscotch team will know what I mean) CODE - print("$" + money); 2. A more advanced color system, what I mean by this is that say you want a certain color but you are to lazy to figure out the HSB or RGB, so you can click a button which will appear a color circle where you can tap the area that matches your color the best then it saves it as a HSB or RGB so you can use it in game. 3. I REALLY WANTED THIS ONE FOREVER NOW, it is a value that can hold a string! This will evolve hopscotch so much, people can make a login screen to games and they can have it where you can name opponents! So Plz Plz Plz Add This!!!!!!!!!

  3. A blog/mood thing on your profile -
    This would just add a more proffesional feel to hopscotch which makes it that much better. You can edit the mood message or post in your blog, this feature mighty counter act the forums, but it's worth thinking about.

Also I have HUGE game ideas, but it will take me a long time to make one because I'm still trying to get used to the new editor. Let's say they involve Balloons, Falling Physics, Animations and more! Also if you want to help me with this project please comment below and I'll get to you.


These would all be great!

Values with text are called strings.


What I mean values with text is that you can combine a string and a number value to created another value or text. So say you can combine $ with 25 it will come out as $25 this feature would make money related games easier / gives the game a cleaner look and structure


Like this?


Yeah, but i think it would be really cool if it was in hopscotch


the only thing i dont want is a follower count. people could be bragging.


That is a good point, but maybe we can have it were if you want to see your followers you have to subscribe, this will lower the amount of people bragging, but people might still brag. Plus people already brag about being featured, trending, and likes so this wouldn't change much


I've always imagined that follower/following lists would be private.


That's what I thought you meant.


Some awesome ideas!!!!

Although I agree that followers may cause Problems. I think we should have a Followers' channel that's similar to the Following channel but for projects which people who follow you make


This would be nice!