Some Feedback for Gilbert!


Hello there!

So, I decided to make a feedback topic. I know, I already have one, but this will have polls about me, what I can do to improve, etc.

So, here we go. :D

What do you think of my projects on Hopscotch?

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What do you think of me on the forum?

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Do you think I should be more active on Hopscotch

  • Yes, be more active on Hopscotch!
  • You're fine on Hopscotch!
  • No, be less active on Hopscotch.


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Should I be more active on the forum?

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  • You're fine on the forum!
  • No, be less active on the forum.


Votes are public.

And lastly, some questions to answer without polls.

How do you think I've been doing as a leader? Is there anything I can improve on?

What type of projects from me do you enjoy?

Thanks for taking some of your time to answer! :D


Sorry for the confusion on the other one, guys! :D


You are doing great at being a leader! You totally deserve it! You close topics for the right reasons! You show great leadership! You are someone we all look up to! I guess you can improve on being on more topics to handle situations like flame wars and stuff! But other than that, you're fine. :)

I really like those color blob projects! Those are very amazing! I also really love your wood carver project, and your cool illusion stuff! Can't wait for more projects! :)


Guys, can you please vote honestly? I'm not sure I'm a fan of public polls. There won't be trolls, but you can't get honest feedback. Please vote honestly!


I really admire u, @Gilbert189, it seems like u r on every topic, which can b good or bad. Please don't take offense!! U r still awesome.


I voted honestly!

I really admire you!

I was so happy when you followed me! c:


Your projects are amazing and truly an inspiration. And your leadership skills? On point. You are VERY reliable and I could see you as the next mod. I think you should just do what you're doing, and if you find something that works better, or something. Try it, experiment to see. So that's my advice.

I think I'd like to see a little more trail art honestly. Your normal projects are awesome and all, but seriously, your trail art? You are a PRO! I saw your hedgehog one, :+1:🏻 man. I love your style trail art, I see in the hedgehog creativity and what seems like quite a bit of math. I love how you used random, but also (I'm pretty sure. I didn't check the code lol) sin and cos to make sure it doesn't go out of the ellipse. Also I love how instead of it being plain on the quills you made it more realistic with the brown quills and peach-ish tips.


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It probably wasn't you. :D

I'm just noting that the poll I messed up on was not public, so I got a couple "Meh" votes.

And yes, you may make a post like it! :D



I think you're fine, but more activity from Gilbert(o? >: ) ) would always be welcome :stuck_out_tongue:


I pressed the wrong button for rate my projects. :flushed:


You are doing awesome as leader :smiley:
I like how you are kind and reasonable to everyone, as well.

I like all your projects
Cause they are all AWESOME :smile:


Your doing awesome as a leader, if anything flamey is happening, you are always there helping out and trying to resolve the problem! That's really good and helpful as it helps both the forum and te community! Your projects are great, I especially liked the more recent 'illusion' and 'HSB design' they were awesome!
Keep going how you are, and the sky is smaller than the limit (that sounded better in my head) Basically the sky isn't big enough to fit your level of awesomeness in :0


I'll be honest, but please don't take anything offensively! :D

You've been doing great, and I think your my (no offence to others!) favourite new leader! All that you can improve on is maybe not being so serious sometimes. I think you could learn a lot from @Kiwicute2016! But apart from that, you've been doing awesome!

All of them! I especially like the trail art and the ones where you experiment and come out with stuff like "particle square" and "fading splatter effect"!
Keep it up! ;D


Honestly, you are absolutely amazing! :D

You as a leader are spectacular! c: I love how you handle things and how you're always prepared for the unexpected, because that's a hard quality to obtain. :0 You know exactly when to give someone a reminder and never fail to do your job. c: I can definitely see you as a moderator. :D There is absolutely nothing that you need to improve, you're an amazing leader already! :3

To be honest, it's pretty hard to pick my favorite type of project from you. :0 There is so much that you can accomplish on Hopscotch with your talents, and you really know how code something that might be really hard for others(me). :0 I love all of them! :3 Just keep doing what you're doing now, because you're awesome at it. c:


Ok my hands hurt XD
Couldn't have said it better myself!


Thanks, @Rainboom! :D

Gices a healing 'c:' for hands.


How do you think I've been doing as a leader? Is there anything I can improve on? Great! Not that I know of.

What type of projects from me do you enjoy? The games! I really like
Games! :D


Pokes topic impatiently


I'll answer some of the questions later! :D
I have to eat breakfast lol XD