Some dream I had


I know I'm a completely new hopscotcher and it might take about 4 years or more to even get close to the kinda of dream I had involving hopscotch.

In the dream I had, it drew my attention that I was leader! I was finally at the spot! I said thank you and I left my iPad with a smile on my face. I would be about 14 or so and I would meet the mods tomorrow! I did a interview with a guy and said "Do you appreciate the forums as a forum leader"? I answered yes and ran in happiness.

I woke up after that, I was crying that it wasn't real. But you know this as I know you. Leaders are earned not given


Cool! Instead of making a new topic why not post it here? :D


Awesome dream! I believe that there is a topic where you can post dreams about hopscotch. I don't have the link, but you could search in the search bar thing! Also, welcome to the forum! (I bet your tired of ppl saying that :P)
Lol @smishsmash beat ma


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