Some code you should never do


Don't ever put a negative number in a set color block.
The app will crash and when you go to the draft to try and fix this the app will crash again as the draft starts when you tap it and you won't get a chance to change the code.
This happened to me on an iPad 3.
If it doesn't happen on a later iPad please reply here with your iPad version
@Liza @Ian


I don't dare even try it on this iPad2. I cannot even run one of the recent published games on "featured" without a total Hopscotch meltdown.

Like you, I have been wondering whether others have experienced a Hopscotch crash, when running something else: the "Surgeon Simulator" by TrevCoding. For me, this is also one to be avoided, though I really like his or her idea. I share this, on the off chance that, if the HT scrutinize what you've discovered, there could be a common cause or other relationship.


Surgeon simulator also crashed for me about 30 secs after playing.


Mine does the exact same thing with that's really frustrating!!!!!!


Guys (i guess that's not the right word, but...) does it happen at the same point for you as it does for me - when there's a black hole (after the scissors) that you are supposed to tap?


Exactly the same spot


I can't even play it......


@oio it's right after the black hold opens up, I can't do anything, it freezes, then it crashes


Thanks, guys. I was thinking it was just my old iPad. Now, I get the feeling that this is could be a useful debug case for the HT.


Yeah, I think that it's too big too fast, and that messes everything up


Nothing ever happened except lag on a mini 2....


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For the Surgeon Simulator, I figured out why it crashes. The object has a set size block after you make the hole wider, and it is too big. If you go into the code and lower the size change it won't crash.


Ha, thats a funny bug. Most of my projects crash because they have so much code. But this is awesome! Why would people want to put a negative number in the color maker anyways? Why would you need that?


Trying to see if i can change the HSB colors with a value instead of copy/paste


its just too good. I want the hopscotch team to keep it because why in the world would people need negative color values! I really want to see the projects that use it and why it does that because this bug just cracks me up!!!


Same , mine crashes when I play surgeon simulator


I'd definitely agree @oio @PopTart0219 @Kotarose13 @Stradyvarious! This is a bug for us to squish!

Thanks for bringing it up!


you should keep it, because why would anyone need a negative color? it doesnt make sense.


I haven't seen that bug yet. I have an ipad air 1. huh. Well no matter, I'm just waiting for clones to be fixed :smile: