Some buttons are gone!


When I go on to hopscotch, I click on channels, the only buttons are Featured, Trending, and How-Tos. When I press on how to's it just says sad face the community isn't loading..." And yes, I have wifi.


Try resetting hopscotch. :D
Maybe that would work. :O


I tried that, to. I am going to try deleting it.


If that doesnt work, try resetting your iPad. (Hold the power button down for a while and it should reset)


You either wait awhile on hopscotch, or wait for the featured projects to load until they are in full color, then try going to channels again. This happened to me this morning


Wait until th projects load and you will be okay


Can someone recycle this I figured it out


Hmm sometimes this happens when my wi-fi is really poor.

Check your wifi maybe!