Some block descriptions aren't grammatically correct

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Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. look at the description(s) (hover over a block/variable/whatever in the actionbar to view the description) for either the Rotation variable, Sixteenth rhythm note, 32nd rhythm note, or Set Variable (or “Set”).
  2. Look at the typo.

I expected this to happen:
Everything would be grammatically correct.
But instead this happened:
Some things weren’t grammatically correct and it’s impossible to sleep peacefully at night knowing that.
Here’s a sweet screenshot:

For Sixteenth and 32nd, it uses the wrong form of “a” and “an”. Now of course, it’s just an typo. (okay I’ll sh​ut up now).
For “Rotation”, it doesn’t have a period at the end.
For Set Variable, it uses the wrong form of there/their/they’re. It should say “their values”, but instead it says “there values”.
Other than that, there are no more typos that I could find in the descriptions of the blocks. I checked every description, but their I’m not sorry may have been another typo that I could have missed.

P.S. I actually noticed some other things too. First of all, some of the object/character descriptions have typos too.

Toucan’s description doesn’t have a period at the end, and Chevron’s description doesn’t have a space separating the end of the first sentence and the beginning of the next one.
Additionally, the following blocks/variables/whatever do not have any descriptions:

  • Origin X Object Variable
  • Origin Y Object Variable
  • Text Object Variable
  • Set Image
  • Save Input

Second P.S. In the Set Variable block description, the second line doesn’t end with a period, comma, exclamation mark, question mark, or anything like that.


Ok, so first I didn’t know that there were problems but now this is bothering me a lot…



Huh, save input is a pretty important one to have an explanation to if you don’t know how it works.

Great topic though! I would’ve never noticed a lot of this stuff


I would like to add also that the clone block is all lowercase in the editor after the most recent update and it is bugging me.

Why did you have to bring this up now it is bothering me lol :weary:


is your name actually 000 thats lit


You mean like my real world name? No, it isn’t
If you mean my HSF name, then yes
and on HS my username is “.a”


Its still sooper lit good choice oy


Oh wow, sorry for missing those :see_no_evil: Thanks for letting us know about these.

I’ve fixed up the grammatical errors for the sixteenth note, thirty-second note and Set Variable block descriptions. I also added the missing periods to Toucan’s description, the Rotation block description, and the Set Variable block description, and I’ve added the missing space in Chevron’s description. (I’ll have to check when these updated descriptions will appear in the app.)

I’ll also check on how to add descriptions for those missing blocks.


It’s great that this is fixed


Oh they’ll be pulled automatically in the next update or so.

I’ve also added descriptions for these, and it will also be included in the next update.


Most of these have been addressed in the new update (3.48.2). But I noticed that the object descriptions for Toucan and Chevron haven’t been updated yet, so I’ll have a look at that.