Some band-related trail art anyone?



I have a challenge…
Think of your favourite band and make a trail-art referencing them.
that’s all.
title it #espressobandchallenge
here’s an example by me.
It’s Panic! At The Disco themed.

Yeah. I’ll be judging who wins lol. Deadline is on Saturday. Someone please remind me.
@Aariv is obsessed with coding so I’ll tag him.
so is @AwesomeNachos
And @Fizzy_27 likes TØP.


ok my project isn’t really trail-art. It’s like a movie-trail-art.


i’ll join!! i’ll make a fob or tøp trail art probably :))


Just as I predicted.
*rubs crystal ball while squinting at nothing *




actually i’m making a p!atd one, the fob logo was too hard and someone already made a tøp one lol


My favourite band is Linkin Park


Linkin Park!
Listen to their song which is called ‘Castle of glass’


GrayStripe remixed my project,but I can’t open it. I NEED TO OPEN IT SHHSSHHDHH.


I am a huge music-nerd so I love this challenge. It is a great idea. Unfortunately, I am too busy at this time to complete it.


it’s fine!


actually extending the deadline cuz no one really did this lol
Deadline is what,Tuesday next week?


I did it
Can you tell the results please

  1. uh lol aariv it isn’t saturday yet
  2. I’ll wait until more ppl do it. Minimum…idk,7? Can you help spread the word?


It is Saturday
You live somewhere else so I’m day ahead of you


Yeah,I live in England.