Some BAD, But GOOD News


I have deleted this message, I feel really bad. I'm so sorry. :disappointed:

I am a discrace to the community.


"0.1/10" Oh my tomato walking on a moon dancing on top of the earth sitting on top of he solar system jogging out of likes though a blackwhole teleporting in to a TARDIS!!! Really?!?!


Goodbye! Never gonna see ya again!


YES REALLY!!! Haha, thanks, @princesstwilight


It's ok if you cannot answer this but.. Exactly how old are you?


You has upset the potato. But ok bye I'd rate it 9 1/2 for school version but 10 for non school


Well, just don't forget, that Hopscotch is also for younger kids, who may want to make games, but not know how. Also, don't forget that Hopscotch can be hard for some, so that's why they ask for help.


Harsh much? Seriously, tho...


I do get what you're saying. I'm in high school, and all of Hopscotch is very juvenile and childish. This can be great, because I stared coding when I was older, so I got an easy introduction. If you want deeper coding, try Scratch or actual coding! For my high school class, I use a program called Dreamweaver to make games. Best of Luck!


No need to announce your leaving of hopscotch.

I completely understand that you don't like hopscotch, but what is the point of the message? Are you trying to tell us that we should all move to codea and quit hopscotch?

And it doesn't have physics, just yet. So?

"Codea" has been around since 2011 (or 2012). Hopscotch started in 2013, and as I'm informed, only 10ish people work for it so far. Isn't that good enough? Ten people. Working on one app. And so far it's so good!

It's in developement so far, come back in 2017 or 2019 and I'd say it will surely have the things you want.

Plus, that was kind of rude. Not to me, but in fact the whole community.
Hopscotch is a real coding app. It is not fake.


If your looking for pictures, use Unicode. Making shapes, arrows and all sorts of stuff! It's called creativity...
ooooooohhhh says all the children I'm teaching in class


Your supposed to be coding everything in your game. That's why hopscotch has no physics and barely any materials. Plus, it's not just placing blocks. You have to use math and logic to create truly incredible things.

Well, it's just your onion.



also, hopscotch is limited by the abilities of the iPad and has to run a code inside an app Inside objective-c, an app gets deleted from the App Store if it frequently crashes an IPad (so I should probably stop doing that), hopscotch HAD to limit itself, emojis can be represented by a simple 2 byte combination, a .jpg can take up to 33,177,600 bytes (8k UHD), and a physics block would have to be added on as an ability which adds lag in and of itself, hopscotch CANNOT add much more, it's already pushing the limits of the iPad's processing power, hopscotch isn't the problem, it's the IPads, ther're too slow, hopscotch is TOO POWERFUL!!!!! I have reached a blue screen because hopscotch needed more processing power than the IPad has! the IPads are the problem!!!




Have to give 9 more likes! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
As you said, Hopscotch is a coding app, and you can do a lot with it already! But eventually THT may add new stuff!


I have a question:
Is Codea better than Pythonista? Why is Codea great?


If you really think about what you said, you could expand the creativity!
Hopscotch is a newer program. They are trying to make coding a bit easier.
You do have a good point about the emojis.
But what about everything else?
Think about it.


I agree too. I'm in year 8, 13, and need to move on to something more challenging.


If that was harsh, I'm REALLY sorry. Something happened and I had, well, a "mood swing" with the way hopscotch works. It is no doubt good for yoinger kids who want to create cool little games! I'm getting a bit too grown up for this, that's why I said this. If I offended you, sorry, if you LOVE hopscotch for the way it works, that's great, this is just my opinion. So, I was just saying my opinion. I believe hopscotch doesn't have enough features. That was MY opinion. And I can't remember someone who said, hopscotch uses math and logic to make cool things, YOU ARE 100% TRUE! It does! Yes! But I'm moving on.

So sorry for any offence guys. You don't have to forgive me, well, you probably won't anyway. :disappointed_relieved:


LL_Phoenix456 - 29/1/16


Ok, well how come an iPad can process 3D, OpenGL ES 3.0 Graphics engine. A WHOLE CODING PROMPT, and it can't even run a game created by an app that is less than 100 megabytes. Sounds weird to me. Maybe consider upgrading to a new device. Yet again, if you have a powerful device. Then it must be something else. :wink: