Some advice for peeps


Some wise advice for people who want it


If you want to be on featured or something make sure you're innovative :+1:


U mean we should tell u our probs and u'll give us wise advice?


Uhh no just some advice


Okay. Just asking to clarify




Excuse me? Hold ur self before u blurt out what would actually put u in trobule


It's a joke
Or did u get offended?
Srry I'll delete it if so.



Why would you say that
I don't even know what's going on but wut


Seems like I have to recycle that post


Well I gtg tem's kicking me out of the shop so bai


How to be sweg me need :3




Alright I'm back! Yayayay


U just need to be like tem I was once not-swegtastical but now since I became like tem I'm superswegtastical