Solving the hacker case?! 🕵 [CLOSED!] (don't change title) 👈🏻seriously DONT CHANGE THE TITLE



Attention, I will be solving the hacker thing. (Please don't flag also not trying to be rude if it seems like I am. I'm just solving this)


I will be willing to help out.


20202020202020 body invalid


i'll help


Same, I set up a trap, but @Ian hasn't gotten my email, because I haven't gotten the conformation email yet :neutral_face:


@Rawrbear, it is a Sunday. They are'nt monitoring us


Okay so far we know:

  1. Hacked lots of accounts (mainly collab ones)
  2. Deletes the projects
  3. Username has G🤔1 in their username
  4. Swears



AND says a lot of curse words


Also know why the hacker is hacking. Mine was out of admiration and love, but it(the hacker) doesn't seem to admire. It seems to hate and is very angry.


This hacker is.seemed to be really mad at something or someone.


its might be easier to find the motive if we find the age... kid or adult?


When excatly has the hacker hacked? 🤔


Is there a reason you guys are assuming it's one person? The passwords were shared on the forums, anyone could have logged in. It didn't take some "special skill" only one person would have. Is there any proof that all the hacks are linked?


There might be proof that its all linked. I'm going to look over the screenshots. It could be a few people.


@Gabe_N The MK38C faker was actually me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Dude, no. :stuck_out_tongue: filler fill


This is what I found:


The hackers (plural) are saying that we suc.k and that they hate our projrcts


OMG rawrbear dude not helpful NOT HELPFUL AT ALL