SOLVED—Where are the wiki’s on the hopscotch forum


How do you reach wiki


Do you mean the wiki function on the forum?

  1. You did it need to make this topic
    Wikis are for regular status, and you only get it once you reach reg


Well there is a badge saying you need to edit a wiki


Yeah, I will make this post a wiki, and you edit the post to get you the badge.
badge time😎 - @claw33


A wiki is a post that it should have a pencil over a paper, and next to it it says edit. If you want to make your own, you need regular.


If you want to make your own, ask a leader


Wiki time!


Hello @Houseelf87


Awesome sauce


wait why is there an envelope on the corner of your post?


If there’s an envelope in the corner, it means that they’ve replied to the post via email


If you got an email you can reply from there, also free badge


Is this solved then? May I close this?


Sure, wait you can close them

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Why was this unlocked

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