SOLVED—Problem with my parents!



Okay. I will try it tommorow. Hopefully they believe me.


How are they going to know that’s for publishing too???


Maybe say you want to share your projects with the community so that your awesome coding can be seen by the whole community.


That’s why I don’t let my parents know about HS or the forum. They just don’t approve of me communicating with people I don’t know. And it’s not because of personal information either. But the internet is a dangerous jungle.


Just find something on their website, I think there is a little help button and you can search for “community”

Edit: You can also find something like this in the app, maybe the privacy policy?


My parents always think that!! They never put something into consideration if I say it’s kids. NO MATTER WHAT I DO, SAY OR WHATEVER, ITS NOT GOING TO GET MY PARENTS TO BELIEVE ME!!!


But the internet really is a dangerous jungle, and you never know who’s behind the screen, it might not be a kid.

Have you tried being mature? (Not saying you’re immature or anything,)
They may be more likely to trust you if you seem mature.


Yes i have the same


@ChickenProductions7 are you still in for our March Madness Project?


Maybe I dunno :man_shrugging:


You never know who is behind the screen, and their are weird people out there. But the forum and hopscotch does a great job for keeping everyone safe, and private info safe.


Like me. I’m an alien.


I doubt that. Prove it.


XD :laughing::joy::rofl:


@TheDeliciousOrange i am now a member.


You forumers who have replied to @ChickenProductions7 have given some great answers. As a mom, let me share an idea of my own? Try asking if your parents would like to join HS and code with you? Coding projects with my kids has been an awesome experience for our whole family…something I will never regret. We’ve learned a lot together.

Yes, there are risks online. But, if they would consider joining you, having your parents by your side as allies will help you enjoy your experience even more. Just because there are caring adults on the forum doesn’t mean it’s free of problems. Your parents are best prepared to help you through those problems because they know you best.

I cannot guarantee they’ll be interested, but I know you’ll feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders if they do join. :sunglasses:


Wow, you are inspirational lol


Thank you for the advice.


Why the heck would this be in random stuff? Please explain.


Calm down m8