SOLVED—Problem with my parents!



My parents “Figured out” I was posting my projects on hopscotch. What’s wrong with that? I’m just sharing with a bunch of people my age. I wish I could make them believe that, they think you all are grown-ups pretending to be kids when, why would grown-ups be on this app? They would probably have a job for coding instead of installing an app for it!!! MAKING A POINT - THIS TOPIC HAS BEEN SOLVED. NO FURTHER REPLIES ARE ALLOWED.


I don’t see anything wrong with that either.
Unless they’re afraid someone may copy your code or you may be sharing personal info or something.

Actually, there’s a few adults here. ThinBuffaloSr and Funky_63_Greenland. And all of the Hopscotch Team lol.


I see why they would get worried about there being grown ups on, as that has led to problems before.

Maybe you could show them Hopscotch’s privacy policy, FAQ, or rules? I don’t know if that’ll help but maybe.


What also might help, is letting them check your projects before publishing just incase they’re worried about you sharing personal info or using bad words or anything like that.


@anon2877646 maybe… I still dunno


I knew the Hopscotch team was all adults. How would they be able to make an app if they are kids??? Common logic. :joy::joy::joy: but I was talking about the MAJORITY. I


You should always trust your parents and not lie to them. But my experience with Hopscotch is that the community is super safe and really friendly. Hopscotch also teaches you lots of good skills, like programming and improved English skills (at least for people who doesn´t speak English as a native language, like me).

If you want to get an amazing base for learning coding, getting lots of new friends and helping other people, tell your parents that Hopscotch is an awesome way to do exactly that. Trust me, these are my own experiences, and I´m sure that there are many more awesome things to come!


I tried to tell them that, but when that kind of stuff happens, they don’t believe me!! Next they are going to find out I’m on the Hopscotch forums :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Well, I would show them the Hospcotch website ( The website contains lots of useful information about Hopscotch and could perhaps help your parents understand Hopscotch better. But they just want to keep you safe, remember that :wink:


Okay. If in the future, I type a bunch of .s, I want to reply with under 20 characters.


A tip is that you can use brackets <like this> to create hidden text as long as you don´t use any emojis, special characters or punctuation to get past the 20-character rule.


Okay <So is it like this???>


Yeah, but you can´t use things such as question marks, dots or anything similar.


Okay… I will try it Wow it works!!!


You probably should’ve asked them if you could join first, before doing it without them knowing — they may not like you communicating with people you don’t know in real life.
They might be worried you’re sharing personal information that people can use to track you down.


Yeah, maybe show them info on the app to show them it’s kid-friendly.


They never believe me… never ever… idk if it will work… :sleepy::sleepy::sweat::sweat::sweat:


I see your problem!!
Maybe try sitting your parents down calmly, and explaining to them that Hopscotch is a friendly, safe, and secure environment with a lot of restrictions in terms of what to post, etc. Maybe also show them what you have done with coding on Hopscotch, and how Hopscotch has really helped you as a coder. I have a bunch of more ideas, so let me know if you need anything, and let me know how it all goes! :smile:

In regards to the adult stuff, yes I am pretty sure we do have a few adults on here, but they all are only interested in coding, and if there was any ulterior motive, it would be identified by THT immediately and that user would be suspended or forever banned.


Try taking them to Hopscotch FAQ where they mention the community


Maybe read app store reviews? HS used to have a better community