Solved! nevermind folks move along and see the chihuahuas!



Okay. I want to change my summary thing on my profile, and, it’s not letting me when I go to the preferences thingy. Did they update it so you can’t do that? This is sorta weird…


Thats odd. Can you explain more about the problem?


So you type in the box and it doesn’t save?
If that’s the issue, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap “Save Changes”.
If it won’t let you type in that box, are you typing in the preview, or the non-preview section?


You have to go to your profile preferences. Do this by clicking the profile button on the right of your screen.


No, i doesn’t even have box to change it at all. It’s really weird…


Weird. Try following this tutorial if you just can’t find it:


Not there. It has
Profile Picture
and Recently Used Devices

That’s all it has… I can’t understand what happened to it!


Okay u guys I gots it! It’s actually for some reason under a totally different little section thing. (which I didn’t see because apparently I’m blind… (that was figurative folks))