SOLVED-iPod touch not charging


My iPod was going good but recently when I put it to charge, it was not charging. How will I be able to solve these ipod touch problems which is related to the life of the device? Is it any problem in the battery or in the charging port?


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As to your question, there are a couple things that you may wanna try:
– make sure the switch is on so that the outlet is actually working
– try a different outlet/port
– something might be wrong with the wire, in which case you should try using a different wire
– unplug and plug it back in. Sometimes it just needs a small adjustment to get working again

However, this is the Hopscotch forum, a forum for the coding app Hopscotch. And this forum category is for bugs with Hopscotch. While this is a valid question and problem, it’s not a bug with Hopscotch, or really Hopscotch related. Maybe use the Apple customer service online help desk or ask a friend/ family member if stuff like this happens in the future.

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This is a forum for coding but since you’re new, people prob won’t go that strict with rules and stuff.

Anyways, for your problem:

How old is the device?
Have you ever dropped it and shattered the screen or anything?
Is the charger broken?
Does the outlet you’re using require turning on a light switch to get it to work?

There is a part inside a phone that holds the charge, maybe it’s broken or something.

But idk for sure.


Hello! I can help you solve this if you want! However, this topic isn’t really related to Hopscotch, and all topics posted in here should be that. I understand that you are new though, and this is a mistake that many newbies make.

If you want to solve your problem, try what everyone above suggested. You should probably read what Apple themselves says on how to solve this problem. You can find that information here:


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Not Hopscotch related.

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