SOLVED—How do you make a post where anybody can edit?



I have seen people make posts where anybody can edit. How do I do that?

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You have to be a regular trust level by being active.


Oh. But for how long???


Around a month or 2


Oh… wait is that total time since you’ve created your account or…


here’s a discourse blog post about trust levels and their requirements. I think our forum may have some differences, but it’ll give you a good guideline. to be a regular, you must be active for at least 100 days, and during that time, just read, post, and like! most users achieve it at some point, so don’t fret.

in the meantime, if there’s a post you would like made a wiki, you can ask one of us leaders to do it for you with the tag @leaders.


This is an example. Of what is called a “wiki”

Oh look. There is another wiki! :arrow_down:

Hello people…


Become a regular. If you devote time and always follow the guidlines, you will become a regular eventually!

I edited out “Edit Here” Ha
Ha. Ha. - Mission Impossible.
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Yeah. Although most people get regular within 100 or so days, if you really help out, you can get regular within 50-70 days


I (or any other leader) can help you make one or these posts as well, just tell us which post that you want to put on “Global edit” (which is what posts where anybody can edit is called) and we will do it for you! You can use the @Leaders tag to notify a leader.

When you get Regular, you will be able to do this without asking a leader, which other people already pointed out.


The requirements for regular are…
In the last 100 days,

  • be on at least 50 of those days
  • don’t get more than 5 flags
  • don’t get suspended
  • read 10k-20k posts
  • post at least once
  • I think you have to like some number of posts…I just don’t remember the number

The hardest one to get is the number of posts that you have to read.


dANGIT I thought it was only 50 out of the 100


It is. You read my post wrong. In the last 100 days, be on at least 50 of them.


Yeah, but I thought you had to meet the requirements in only 50 days, not 100.


Correct. If you’re on for all 50. You see, I was on 50 days right after I joined the forum, but I hadn’t read enough posts, so I didn’t get regular until I had been on like 64 days or something.


Oh so you can earn it in 50 days


Yes I earned it in 53 days since I joined, I just had to read a ton of posts to get that one.


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