SOLVED-How do You Get Featured on Hopscotch?



Sorry 4 asking just want 2 know cause I never get featured


You make a great project!
There’s nominations for featured topic on the forum too


My projects r horrible but starting 1 now hope u like it!



I’m excited to see the new project!


You make an awesome project!!

It helps if you or someone nominates the project on the Nominations for Featured 2! topic.

Nah, they aren’t. You definitely have the skills to get featured!
I think you’ll get a feature no matter how long it takes!


As many have said already, the topic linked in above post. Keep working, take a look at creators of the most polished games me? maybe, observe how variables and blocks are used, and apply them to your projects! After a few months, you’ll find yourself being featured fairly easily :slight_smile:


As soon as you make a project you think could get in featured, nominate it. Then more people will se it and it’s a higher chance to get on there.


You can nominate your project for Featured on here and hope for the best (it may take a while). Remember that not everyone gets on Featured - just keep coding and care about the fun :slight_smile:

But I wish you good luck trying to get on Featured! I am sure that you will get there someday!


Make a project that is obviously well coded and looks like you have put time and effort into it.


You have to be nominated, or nominate your self and the Hs curators decide, or they do it themselves if they see it


I got featured but u still don’t know how


There’s two Hopscotchers (SmileyAlyssa and Madi_Hopscotch) who feature projects for Hopscotch. Idk how they do it tho.
They feature 2 projects a day I think.
And they check the nominations for featured topic for projects to feature too.


There is a nominations for featured post. Ask me if you want a link.

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