[Solved] Help me make a trail arts and pixel arts

Please help me because the I need help making trail arts and pixel arts


I can help with pixel arts


Ok that would be nice…

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Here’s THT’s YouTube tutorial on it.
It’s with an old version of the editor but it still works. The same blocks are in the current version.


I can help with pixel art


Here’s my pixel method, if it helps any…


Trail art is like a talent, but it can be learned to make simple ones. With trail art, you have to have your angles figured out.
I’m definitely more of a pixel art person. My tip would be to start simple. For your first pixel art, choose something with only two or three basic colors that could be found in Hopscotch without using HSB or RGB, and it should be less than 100 pixels. You can search the internet for pixel art, but you’ll get more results if you search for perler bead patterns. Another tip: put code for one pixel into a custom block, and you can put those blocks into repeat blocks as necessary. As for the code for a single pixel, there are a lot of options. I prefer to do the following:
[Draw trail color :large_blue_circle: width 5
Move forward 5
Change y -5
Move forward -5
Change y 5
Move forward 5]
Move forward 5

The resulting pixel has a width of 10, so the y position for your next line would need to be 10 less than the previous, and any empty spots would be a simple move forward 10.


I can help you out with trail arts! What kind of trail art are you trying to make? Depending on what you want to make, the approach and techniques may be different.

Also, I moved your topic to a better category for it, if you are wondering why it says that I edited it. By choosing relevant categories, topics will be more organized and easier for people to find too :slight_smile:


Pixel is my number 1

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Thank you so much

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Okay! Just tag me if you ever need help with any trail arts.

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That would be nice

Ok, thanks

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Ok, a little different but still the same. I’ll watch it.

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Is this solved

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Yeah this could be helpful to others that need trail and pixel art help

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