[SOLVED] A shape got stuck in code?

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Username: ItzMya🌵

What kind of device are you using?: iPad

1 sentence description of the problem I was coding a project and I moved a shape a little too high up and now I can’t edit it or delete it.

Steps to make the problem happen:

  1. Move the shape off the border
  2. it’s stuck up there now bruh

I expected this to happen: I would be able to move it back down

But instead this happened: I couldn’t ;0;

Here’s a sweet screenshot:

Thank you @TheDrawer for helping me solve it and being a pal! She is a Telephant Monky Queen!


Email THT at help@gethopscotch.com. They will hopefully be able to help you. Since this most likely is a weird bug, they should be the ones to contact. Also, have you tried publishing and unpublishing the project?

That’s happened to me too

I’ll try publishing and unpublishing and if that doesn’t work, I’ll email.

Thanks for the help :)


Hi @ItzMya

You can get the shape back.

Here we have a heart on the Stage. And we quickly drag it up…

Now it’s off the border so we can’t drag it back!

To get it back, go into the Editor using a different object (in the example, I also have a Square on the stage). And tap on the icon in the upper right

Now you can see both objects.

Tap the heart to highlight it. Then tap Text below to change it to a Text object.

Then enter any random text on a bunch of lines (if the heart was dragged off the border to the left or the right, you’d just enter a single long string of text instead of text on a bunch of lines)

Then exit to the Stage and you’ll be able to see the bottom of your text. Drag it back down.

Finally go back to the Editor and change the Text object back to the original heart (or whatever your object was)


Omg wow! Thank you so much!!


You’re welcome :grinning:

I’d recommend you add “(solved)” to the end of the title so THT knows, if/when they check the forum, that they don’t have to try to addres this one.


Okay, thanks again :>


You can use set position block

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No they need to move it in the editor. Plus, its fixed anyways


Huh…this is interesting…
I believe you can move the shape and use the summarize code block to get it back again.


That’s actually a really clever trick! Thank you for sharing that one, it is really helpful! Not only for @ItzMya.


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