SOLVE THE NUMBER 33 CHALLENGE (no one has yet)


Use a PC to use this program.
Press the left mouse button while the cursors over an arrow to increase/decrease a value.
A value is shown with that value to the power of three beneath

Below the Answer block is the combined values of all three values to the power of three.
You can click a yellow box and manually type in a value too.

All you have to do is get the value below the answer block to 33

I'm not placing this on my maths puzzle topic because this puzzle has never been solved for the number 33.
And it's easier to solve if a project has been specifically made to solve this problem.


If anyone solves this they will be famous.
Negative values are allowed as well.
Please record what numbers you used if you ever solve this.


I got 34 :frowning: so close


You did better than me!!!!!


We have to use a computer,Strady?
I love ur challenges!


Oh I am using an I pad pro and it's kind of working.


Can it work on an iPhone? I not want to use the iPad Proband the computa


Anyone else get 34 or 32, or 33?


I have 34, but it'd be so much easier if I could use radicals. :frowning:


I cannae use a computer :frowning:


Oh goodness
challenge accepted


I habe 34....
My mind is gone mad... i'll ask my (Professional ) math teacher...
I'm better than him ...
He teaches the lowest group lol i'm in the highest...
And he can't explain what racio is...


This is impossible. I searched it up, and a computer tried to solve it.
It said:
Here's the link-


I don't understand anything on there lol

Well I think it is impossible too since the computer said so.....