Solution to bumping into walls and floors problem



Some of you may not know this and I've fixed it for some of you guys before so I'll make a whole topic about it
Let's say you're making a game and you wanna make sure that when a certain object bumps a certain wall, you want it to do something. But the when bumps edge When doesn't always work with this. So, what you do is get an object you can make big and long. I'll say the rectangle. Name it "wall" and put it where you want the object to bump. Grow it, turn it, do that stuff first. Create a new rule, but first, set invisibility to 99% in the first rule. 100% won't work. Go into the object and create a new rule "when "object name" bumps "wall"" and put the code you want to happen when the object bumps the wall thing.
Hope this helped


Thanks for the advice! That's really helpful!


Great topic! :thumbsup:


Great topic! Amazing advice!


Great advice :thumbsup:


Oh yeah! I did that before as a floor! Great advice!