Social Experiment With My The Forums



I have recently started a social experiment. It has to do with my profile. I am going to change my profile picture for my mood.

My Moods

If I do anything with Black Panther or any other superheros, that means I am excited for A LOT of upcoming movies. If I do anything dark, that means I am angry or scared. If I do anything bright that means I am happy! If it is a gloomy thing, that means I am sad.

You can say your opinion of my profile pictures.

If you get scared of any of them, just tell me and I will change it.

I will add up of all of the changes!

Change Count From Request



Gloomy; Depressing or frightening
Black Panther; An amazingly awesome super hero from Marvel Comics

Spread this around by tagging me and saying #social_experiment!


How come you are doing this? It is a great idea, I was just wondering. :smiley:


I am doing this because a person made a topic that they were scared of someones profile picture/ usercard so that is why I am doing this.


That makes sense. Your picture right now is pretty cool! :slightly_smiling:


Can you guess who he is? He has his own movie in two years in July on the 8th!

Hint, look in the begining of my excited mood.


I don't know who it is. But looking at your earlier post, is it the black panther or batman?


It is Black Panther for now!!!!!!


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Yep, and I just had my 3rd test subject. I feel like Cave Johnson right now, XD! #portal_reference #social_experiment


It's Pac Man! :D