Hey everyone! I want to know how to make my new game Soccer Stars more fun and appealing. Let me know what you guys think and be BRUTALLY honest. Remember your suggestions is what makes the game better. So avoid saying "great game! It's perfect!" If you can.


Game link:


You should make the time slower? If you miss a shot you're basically wasted


Sure, I'll make it so you have enough time for 2-3 shots!


When you're shooting the ball, don't let the game end before the ball is finished moving. Also, it would be nice if you could just cut to the game without having to read the instructions, and if the ball could spin while it's moving (you can do this by adding an object that the ball is always on). It would just be a little small nice detail, you know?


Great idea in the detail, but I'm not going to change the timer to when the ball stops moving. After all, that's the challenge!


Ok for the song, can I make the troll song? Lol


If you need any help when it comes to soccer, you can always ask me cause I'm a die-hard fan