Soccer Star announcement!


Hi everyone! I've finished my game Socder Star. Here's the instructions to the game/what it is. How to play: First, you start the ball is placed on a random spot on the field. You then drag the ball back and shoot. You need to make a goal before the time bar runs out. Every time you make a goal the levels gradually get harder. Get as many goals as you can before the time bar runs out. Make sure not to hit the obstacles or you will lose points! But if you hit the fans, it's an automatic GAME OVER Ratings: The more goals you get the higher rating you get! Try to get the best rating: Soccer Star
This game is easy to learn, but hard to master.

Link to game:

Gameplay teaser:


Looks and sound AWESOME!!!


Thx, it's been fun to code...
Not to be selfish or anything but I'll be a bit disappointed if it doesn't get on featured XD



Title screen


So cool! What is your Hopscotch name so I can see your awesome project?


Soccer Stars is officially released! Check it out at CurvedGuitar or click this link


@Curved_Guitar I thought it set to a random position, it only goes to one place.


Oh shoot, for got to take that part out of the explanation. Thx for the catch!


Hey @MagmaPOP and @AHappyCoder,
Could you give my game your opinion? You two are probrably the best coders in hopscotch and I would like to know what a should fix/add. If you can't it's totally fine. But if you can here's the updated link:
Happy Holidays!


Thanks! I'll have a look...


That's a really good game! my all time highscore is...Dun Dun: 1!!!!!


Lol @AHappyCoder, thanks for that. Do you have any additional feedback that could make my game even better?