Soccer Code Club



I realise there is other clubs like this but they are full on dead so I thought I would make my own one.

don't go off topic too much ok.
don't treat the form as an entry trial, always remember Zlatan doesn't do auditions
be nice
you don't have to do challenges they aren't but please do one or two

HS username:
Soccer position (if you play):
Will you be nice?:

@LazyLizard - Attacking mid or forward
@William04GamerA- forward


HS username: LazyLizard​:purple_heart:
Soccer position (if you play): Attacking mid and forward
Will you be nice?: yes!!


HS username: William04GamerA
Soccer position (if you play): Forward
Will you be nice?: Of course!


[quote="GoatLord, post:1, topic:33991"]
Members:@GoatLord@LazyLizard - Attacking mid or forward @William04GamerA- forward

First Challenge:
Make a project based around a famous footballer/soccer player you like, for example there is a game on the app store called Cristiano Ronaldo Kick'n'Run, that is a game based on a famous player.


Okay, I don´t really have a favorite player but I´ll try to recreated a football game, when should it be done? (what date)


Lol im not late at all
Doesnt matter when