So you'd like to learn Markdown?


[color=#0f0] Hi [/color] should be blue




This is great! It makes sense to me, and it's really helpful! I didn't even know about some of those things, and new users will find them especially helpful! I don't think it needs to be improved at all! It Looks great!







Cool, you only need the link once! :smiley:


And @codinghorror, you should really add the percentage polls and normal polls and multiple option polls.


In Discourse it is ctrl+shift+c. You can hover your mouse over the toolbar icons to see the keyboard shortcuts.

Also you can press ? to see a list of keyboard shortcuts when not in the editor. (Pressing ? in the editor will.. type a question mark :laughing:)


Technically it is, it is linked in the welcome PM every new forum user gets when they join the forum, but that is a recent change so people who created accounts months ago won't have it. New users will though!

There is a plugin for this, but it is not installed here.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, I appreciate you taking the time to look, and I hope it was helpful!


Wow! I've been looking how to do most of these things. Thank you!


It was very helpful, thank you! :smile:

I wrote that in Markdown instead of BBCode :)


Hi @codinghorror! I know you from discourse meta.






Who are you? Are you a member of THT?


Nah, he's Wumpus.


I am this person


I noticed that you're an admin, but you're not a member of THT.


He is the co-creator of discourse (the thing we use for our forum)


I know what Discourse is.
@codinghorror, why can't we give ourselves titles?


That's an option we set, because we think titles should be a special thing handed for doing something really good :smiley:


You can set that? If I had a forum, everyone could set their own title xD


who says he has to be a member of tht