So............ Yeah.... 🅢🅞🅡🅡🅨



Well. I've sorta forgotten about the forum. :grimacing::sweat_smile: So... Yeah. I'm a terrible coder. Yeah. I don't deserve any of it. Yeah. I've lost my spark and love for Hopscotch. Yeah. Most of you hate me because of how terrible I am. Yeah. I am rude to everyone and I just wanna apologize. Yeah. Sorry for being me.


Wait wot

Your not mean or any of that stuff




Don't put yourself down. ;-;

We all know that you're an amazing person. <3

Refer to what I wrote for @PixelMaster64 today:


Idk some eddy Wally positivity


That doesn't mean you're not loved, because you know we all care about you.

I'm sorry that doesn't make you feel well. ;-;

Makes mental note on notepad to give @GracefulIcing1 a shoutout

Trust me, I've been through this many times.

You're not alone. c:


What I do is pour out all of my feelings on a paper, or a doc. It makes me feel better.

Especially when I use all of my might to throw that paper in the trash. >:0


Well that's what people do, eh?


I know that's what people do. ;-;

Especially me. XD

It's not like I can force someone to stop, but I just wanna put it out there that you shouldn't. c:

Especially me. STOP IT MALTESE. XD



Well it depends on intensity. Some is okay, like if there's like a long line of luck, you just think it's a dream.


That's true.

But, in this case, it's not the best. :disappointed:

I would do anything I could to make my best friend feel better again. :3


As in @GracefulIcing1? If so, are you just saying that because you want her to feel happy?

Otherwise, dunno


You can always talk to me.

I certainly know how you feel.

You have lots and lots of friends, you shouldn't say that ;u;


Um hello @GracefulIcing1 welcome to the help desk how may I help you?


Nope! I'm not just saying that because I want her to feel happy.

Every single person on this forum is my best friend, including you, @MobCraft. :3

And I would do all I could on HS and the forum to help them.

#21 I don't even know you that well...friendship is MUTUAL.


Maybe you can talk to them if you're not feeling well? :3

I used to have a best friend irl who I could talk to, and she would understand and help.

I'm just saying that I'm always here if you need a person you can count on.


Well this topic shouldn't be closed until at least @GracefulIcing1 talks about her situation (dunno how to word this honestly).


As in best friend, I mean a person in which I would like to hang out with, and talk to.

I would never leave a HSer out.

I don't want to get into a flame war or anything. :grin:

All I'm trying to say is that I'm here if any one of you need help.


Why? Parents can help.