So... uh... what happened to Hopscotch now?



Uh... I came back to HS after, like, a week of not being on, and apparently a lot of people left, there was a GIANT flame war about gays, (which The Real Gr8 1 played a big part in), and people blamed @Hitokage for "destroying HS"? What the heck is going on? What happened? Why are so many people leaving?


I dont know either, am pretty upset.


A lot of people that I knew left ;-;


people just love making arguments and flame wars on holidays i guess :>


I think I heard somebody say Hito pretended to leave on April Fool's, and it caused some people to quit, i dunno


I don't know anything going on anymore...


April fools prank gone wrong


Idk why peeps r leaving and yeah that's weird


idk lol I wasn't here either


Can you add a link to that, pleaz?


It was on trending :(


Oh. Do you know the title, though?


April fools prank that made others upset, and then I think Carlique (sorry don't know if I spelled that right) made an account called 'MakeHopscotchGayAgain' I think, and the a few people started raging about how bad gay people were, and I'm just on the corner like 'But guys, Lams!' (I never said that, but I was thinking it) so... yeah


I have no idea...
I haven't opened HS for ages...(weeks)
opens HS

scrolls through tabs
So it looks like this to me...
- An April fools prank went wrong...and people took it way to seriously and said it 'destroyed hopscotch.'
- Someone made an account supporting gays, then someone hated on them and caused a flame war.
That's what I saw.


I've never seen anything that could be classed even as a flame war about gays, only people complaining about the supposed war.


I know right;-;


Yup this was partly my fault XP


Here's what happened-
I published a project saying "Bye" and SoaringFeather, @WhoNeedsAName, an @MusicalPaintbrush left.
Then I said it was an April Fools joke, but it backfired, and everyone raged at me. And then I got upset, and then everyone gave me memes.
And now I am okay


It's not!
When I do April fools pranks it normally goes wrong


Wait what is happening....I just got a bunch of emails from people mentioning me on the forum, telling me to come back and stuff like that