So Many Mystery Hopscotchers! ->PLS READ<-



This has been bothering me for awhile. A lot of people are saying stuff like "figure out who I am" and stuff like that and it's growing all over hopscotch and it's very bothersome I really don't mind just 1 and that's @Follow4LikesOfficial because I'm pretty sure he was the first one on the forums please stop it bothers me like to know who is in my surroundings


I know this is off topic, but could you please unflag everything? :slightly_smiling:


I didn't flag if you go to the iPad vs paper then u will know me no flag!!!!


I agree. People will get all confused, plus if you aren't helping the community there is no need for them.


This is obviously off topic but the topic I wanted to respond on has been closed:(
Can I PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE join the annual hopscotch games? I will LITERALLY do ANYTHING to be in it! I just really wanted to do that and I was trying to respond but my mom wouldn't let me use my phone to do it!!!


dun dun daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
now be on topic


Yeah. It's bothering me too, I want to know who these people are!!!


I understand if they're "secret" accounts, like, you're undercover as someone else, but you don't make an entire topic on it.
But when you do make an entire topic on it, that's when the annoyance kicks in.