So I'm testing out how to make a pole



Heh I’m sorry I needed assistance


Well that didn’t work SOMEONE HEEELLLP ( ;-; )

  • Yo yo
  • I think it worked
  • Coolio

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Did it never mind its all good


The espresso machine has spoken:
This topic is disapproved.


Yeah… dis topic is unnecessary


Sorry guys I was just testing out how it works


Culinus has spoken:
This reply has been disapproved.
Reason: This is a testing topic, also, stop going around approving or disapproving things- no one cares!


Thank you so much I really appreciate it that guy made me feel kinda bad about Trying to figure out something thanks for standing up for me


I did not stand up for you, Culinus did.
All hail Culinus- Creator of everything! May his eternal sleep stay eternal!