So I'm creating a hopscotch film, but I'm stuck



You may or may not have heard of this movie I've been working on for more than a year. It doesn't yet have a title, so I'm open for suggestions. Also, I got to a very exciting part and idk what to do next. I got this so far.
I'm running low on ideas and high on tasks, too, so I'm kinda bored. Anything I should do next? Or should I make it a series rather than a movie?

I just unpublished the project 'cause it's a spoiler, so idk if the link will work anymore for all of you, it works for me, though. Although, I think it will work.


I got no 'edeas. But that is one cool game!


Good idea, i can also make game based on it!


Maybe go in
More aliens
Title,Life Beyond Earth


You go in the house, see a Alian mother and baby! That's it!