So I tried to like someone's remix of my project



And this happened


Please SBYP

There are tons of projects like this, it's just a bug refresh the app it should go back to normal.


It's a funny glitch :3

I always forget to search before I post, so it's okay!



I invited @Rawrbear, because he is good with technology. Just check out this Electronic Talk topic he made.


Here it is!

Good luck, @LiLac!


This is a minor bug! If you lile someone's project, sometimes instead of increasing the number of likes, the number of likes explodes. Too bad it's just a bug, so it doesn't actually give you 287373828478392847383 likes! :stuck_out_tongue:


Happened with me. When we unliked it, we got something like 4297937482883992 likes on it. Glitch.

Also, @Kiwicute2016, @buildasnowman, @poptart0219, Lilac has an Innapropriate profile picture!


I changed their profile picture.

Also, I wonder why it's 4294967295 exactly... I've never seen that number in the wild before.

EDIT: Nvm! Of course I have! It's the biggest number Hopscotch can support (The biggest unsigned 32 bit integer) :smiley: Now to figure out why it's happening when you like a remix...


It happens if you spam the like button. :D


It is not, just that my rear is bigger than my heart. So I love hopscotch and all its players more.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Just checked again, still the same CrAzY number



No, it's still Innapropriate. The word in there (rear end synonym) is blocked.


This is how it looks for me:



The same goes for me!
There sure are lots of people on HS XD


I get it too!


There changed it to a baby turtle having its b-day.

If that's blocked I quit


Plz figure that out and, next time just tell me that my profile picture "inappropriate" which it isn't but OK


But when I like it...


It wasn't that inappropriate just some profinty humor that some people may of not liked.

I thought it was kinda funny.

but, it could make the community a little upset as in they don't take that type of humor.


Ya just a different sense of humor.