So i just logged into this account for the first time in almost four years

hey mods, please hear me out before you delete this for not ‘being hopscotch related’!

hello, you may remember me as CandyflossClouds! i was very active on this forum back in 2016 and 2017. i was 10/11/12 years old then. (fun fact! i made this account just before my first year of secondary (middle) school, and now i’m 16 and a college student, ain’t that cool?)
i found the password to this account and its funny seeing how much this forum has changed since 5 years ago. it seems that general topics no longer exist, and the website has gone back to how the hopscotch team intended for it to be!
(sadly, my ipad is pretty much broken so i lost the hopscotch app, and i can no longer remember my account details.)
this entire website is a nostalgia trip tbh, this was one of the first places where i posted my art and got praised for it (kiddo me was upset about only getting 5 likes per post on deviantart and insta lol). does anyone here remember me and my undertale art? im actually replaying the game right now!
also, the remaining community members during this period, do you remember the dank meme alt accounts? that user who was banned for 8 years? the ‘Chakins’? MagmaPOP leaving? the flame wars between the old mods and the bots in the drawing topic? Ah, distant memories.
im not too sure where this is going, i just wanted to see what a little website i was on for a decent chunk of my pre-teen years is like now! please tell me your fond (or worst) memories of the 2016 HSF if you have any!!

  • Java (they/she) aka CandyflossClouds

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