So, how do I get my topics back! Hey everyone the topics are back!


So as some of you may know, there used to be a Help With Code topic, but it was taken away, along with the topics that were in that category. I now lost some topics that I liked and wanted to keep.

How do I get them back? Is it even possible now?


Um, no, it isn't possible, unless THT brings them back.


Heh. No. I lost 20+ topics because we were powerless to save them.


I hope there's a way. I want my topics back.


Me too.


I lost like 80 topics :frowning:


I lost 29.


@Liza, would you mind telling us the situation on the lost topics? Have they been all deleted, or it is possible somehow to save them?


I also lost my how to make an advanced Crossy Road topic. Which I am sad about.


How can this be possible, there should be a way out


Unfortuanately there isn't a way to bring them back. :confused:
If you really want them you can make them again.


Well I don't exactly remember what all the topics were, but now I would ave to wait even longer to 1 year bump a topic :confused:


Yes, the old topics are back!!!!!