So Happy For Follow4LikesOfficial (Featured Stuff)



I am so happy for @Follow4LikesOfficial ! He finally got his first feature (on this account) and it's for quite possibly one of my favorite projects of all time for hopscotch! I'm glad he's getting the credit he deserves finally for his music and coding. Idk if this is weird but I literally jumped out of my chair in joy when I saw his Music Kit on featured! Thank you @Liza @Ian @WhoeverFeaturedHim for recognizing him!


Congratulations @Follow4LikesOfficial!!!!!!! Your music kit is fantastic!




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:D. All my features were from last year (one from last last year), and I'm happy to see another one. Thanks for the shoutout! (As a treat, I am trying to do every lottery ticket remixed possible, but there are a LOT)

Although it is my mission to make other people well known, I may post an occasional thing or two along the way. (Next Pocket symphony has 4 new songs, including @Gilbert189's, @XiaoMiaoMi, and (tba)

P.S. Every project from 5 minutes from now to 30 minutes, will receive LIKES!

Celebrate xD

Thanks again for the support!


CONGRATS @Follow4LikesOfficial


Congrats @Follow4LikesOfficial! Your music kit is awesome! That's really nice of you @OrangeScent1


I only came for Elmo xD


I agree with you buddy xD




Just liked all the projects xD from 30 minutes ago to now


I'm liking all projects that are at least okay from people in my notifications, which is a lot. I'm going up, and I'm 5 hours down... H e l p m e.


Lol when my project meme was published, my remix tab was flooded, so was my activity tab D:


LOL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


His music kit was the best


Congrats @Follow4LikesOfficial!
You deserve it!


I'm happy about him getting featured and all that, but there's a lot of Hopscotchers who get on Featured once, don't you think we should support every Featured?


What do you mean by even featured?


Spell check.


Oh, ok! Now it makes more sense. I agree with you! But there are lots of great coders too, who don't get onto featured. We should support everyone who takes time into their projects.
(Excluding bullies, complete chat accounts, and complete troll accounts)