So edit history doesn't like tags for some reason??


well, after the success from “tagging yourself - it does not update, what the goigly?”, i’ve noticed [what i think is] another bug in the forum’s software, and now i’m ready to post about it! yay, go me. so, here it is: if i were to create a post, and then edit the post in such a way it would count as an edit while tagging someone in the edit, the tag as it appears in edit history would function as a normal link, and not as a tag.


d e t a i l s f o l d e r

when i clicked on “@braynee202” in the edit history, it sent me to my account page, and didn’t just make this window pop up, like it normally does!
Screenshot 2023-03-01 10.04.54 AM



I had this before, but I don’t think it’s a bug.


you’re saying it’s intentional??


Not sure tho, could be it is a bug.


well, i have assumed intentional features were mistakes before, so i’ll just wait & make sure


i dont see if this should or should not be a bug because both make sense, but i personally think how the tag currently act in the edit history makes the most sense and is a lot more cleaner


just found out clicking a tag, having the user’s window pop up, and, if they have another tag in their bio [that does not get cut off], clicking it, also gets treated as a normal link. this one makes more sense.



follow up – does anyone know what’s actually the case here?

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my guess would be because another pop up is already open, it just redirects to the profile? it makes sense to me- especially if someone wanted to tag someone in an edit, and someone reviewing the editing wouldn’t have to have multiple pop ups on screen at once. i could be completely wrong though, so take it with a grain of salt lol.

yeah that’s what i thought after i clicked on a tag in a bio and it redirected, but after saying “ok i guess i’ll find out” and then the topic goes silent, i kinda wanted a second opinion