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I just made a new cool project called Snowflake Draw! Here, you can post pictures of your snowflakes, or just give cool suggestions for this!







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I love it!

Great job!


Woah! The awesomeness is too much for smol me!


Wow, this is very cool! I like how you used Clones to select your color instead of having individual objects. Creative idea. :smiley:

I noticed how the code in this project (for the drawing object) differentiates from your Kaleidocosmos project even though they're both doing the same thing. I get how your Kaleidcosmos project works, but I'm confused as to how your snowflake project works (how did you control the Clones to individually draw in different places?). Could you possibly explain some of it?

Awesome project!!


Amazing!! : D


Amazhang Job Senpai Zap!


That looks great! You always make the coolest projects!


Each of the drawing clones has has a specific rotation and speed. The rotation determines the rotation of the drawing from the touch. 0 is on the finger, 180 is across from the finger, 90 is 90° counterclockwise away from the finger (this is relative to the center, the Snowflake Center object). The speed determines if it is flipped. If it is flipped (speed of 0), then the rotation it uses will be opposite of what it normally is. Speed of 1 makes it behave normally. There are 12 clones, each with a different combination of speed and rotation. This makes the snowflake draw we all know and love c:


Ur AN AMAZING CODER/DRAWER!!!(everyone is too!!)


Cool! Thanks for explaining it. :smiley: