SnowCode Company (Status: not full, feel free to join)



:snowflake: Welcome to SnowCode :snowflake:

Status: You may join, not full yet
Description: I am making something new called SnowCode Company. The rules are simple, 1. Don't swear or bully others 2. Don't make any inappropriate projects or else they will get deleted

Please reply with your hopscotch username, and when you joined hopscotch.

current members of SnowCode:


first person to comment and want to join will become CO LEADER!!!


ps i'm making the account right now :slightly_smiling:


You seem to want me to join! User: gamergirlofgamers Join Date: Beginning of September this year


Can I join? Hopscotch username: GiraffeProductions. I joined last year.


Ok! I made the account I'm gonna tell you the username and password soon.


You can join as well @GiraffeProductions, soon I will announce the username and password


I noticed you invited me. Sorry!! I can't join, I'm already spammed with collabs, and I can't go on HS anyway. :confused:


Hi. I suppose you want me to join :smiley:

Username: Creative Coder
When I joined Hopscotch: June 2015 (it says July because there were technical difficulties with the original accounts update so I had to make a new account)


Body Invalid. Invalid.


Oh. Well it's ok :wink: 202020202002020


@CreativeCoder you are in!! Username and password will be announced soon.


Ok, I'll make sure to remember that : D ps sorry I can't edit the list my dad needs to use my laptop and it's super hard to edit when there is so much text.


Ok guys I'm gonna tell you the username and password!!!! Are you ready @Hoppertoscotch @CreativeCoder @GiraffeProductions


I will join I started in July and yes I know that my thing doesn't say that but BlackDawn Old was my first account and my username is BlackDawn.


Got It 202020220202020202022020


I want to join through this iPad is it a collab? And I am huggingfluffybear 2 on this iPad!


You may join :wink: 202020020200200202020202020


Great what's the pass? And user


Thanks! I will log in!