Snow Company! ( 3 Availible Spots!) (only doing 8!)


Hello Hopscotchers!
I am going to start a new collab called Snow Company!
Be Nice
No Hate Comments
Be Fair
***Accept others ideas and Don't delete project
and most importantly Have Fun!
Note: there are three groups Beginner (maybe), Intermediate, and Advanced I will make a co leader with whoever I trust the most tht signs up I will allow 5 betas or mods (depending on how many sign up) you will be able to move up levels!
Forum: Snow Company Forum
Must be able (its ok if not all just most) to make a smooth background work with sin and cos to make a joystick, background, a movie, different step games, a simple drawing pad.
I will need to know your hopscotch username
how much you are on
Coding level 1-10
How Many of the requierments can you do?:

For the user and pass plz email me at
(plz don't include the space!) this is my non personal email
if you cant email I will try to give the pass here
1. @Phase_Studios
2. @CreativeCoder
Advance group

Intermediate Group:
@Hermione (FruityMilkshake)


I said my other collab would be my last currently, but whatever

I will need to know your Hopscotch username: Creative Coder
How much you are on: Almost every day
Coding level 1-10: um..9? Idk
How many of the requirements can you do?: all of them

I'll email that if I get accepted, but can you delete it after?


accepted and yea of course!


I just emailed. The secret confirmation phrase I put in it so you know it's me is "silver tinsel"


I can make a joystick, background, a movie, different step games, and a simple drawing pad.
Hopscotch Username is Phase Admin®.
I am not going to be on that often until Christmas then I will on everyday.
Coding level is either 9 or 10.(I am not sure)


accepted and @CreativeCoder I replied with the pass


What are we planning on making?

(PS should I make a forum like MK38C's? I'm bored)


I sent a email to you about the thingy mc bobber with the things inside of it.


I could make it if @SnowGirl_Studios would accept it.


ok ill check and sure @creativecoder!


I could make a weebly forum.


Ok I'll call it Snow Company and I'll give you the link in a couple minutes


If you ever decide to collab on Scratch and would like me to join just send a message to me there.


I'm happy to help wIth code if you post it on the forum

Phase=# still awesome


The User is Snow Company


Okay the forum is

But I'm still adjusting stuff


ok thank you @CreativeCoder
when I make a account can u give me a admin ranking?


Can you give suggestions for a logo?


Can you please provide link because when I look it up it isn't there?


I added link in my main post