Snoopy's Informative Class closed?


Yep just like real school XD

EXACTLY like real school


Haha, this is the most realistic part of this school! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ikr :00000


Why must it be potatoes and cookies huh


Why not huh


Morning Lesson- Anger Managment :stuck_out_tongue:



Have you ever got into an argument with someone you really don't like? Have you got out of control?
Did the leaders have to come in and deal with it?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, maybe you should read the following links.

I'm extremely lazy as a teacher, so take a field trip to these two topics (one of them is written by me) and read them!
They should provide lots of info for testing, when it does come up!
You could also read the posts below it, and if they are relevant to the discussion, use those to help as well!

First Field Trip
This one has helpful posts below it, but you don't have to read them!

Second Field Trip

Now, you can ask me questions, but I might not be here to answer them.
I'll try to get all questions (if any) answered, but I think these topics are pretty straightforward.

8 am is when I'll most likely stop answering questions, but if you have a really burning question, I'll try answering it.
8 am - 9 am is your break, there is a one hour increment from Morning-Afternoon. Then, you'll get a four hour increment from Afternoon-Evening, and then a one hour increment after that!
The Late Night Lesson is optional, all "information" learned there will not be on testing!

That concludes the morning lesson post!


The late night lesson is 4 AM for me o.0


Haha, you can skip classes, remember?
I know everybody is in different time zones!
Also, you could always read the lessons later!


I know :stuck_out_tongue:


Gah, I'm so busy today, so I'll probably only do 2 lessons. :frowning:



Which lessons will you do?


u there


The other lesson I'll do will be a fun one! It'll be probably at night, but not too late!
I've already taught one of them!

I have to go now! Bai!


@snoopy I joined/added my name to the list!


I have a question :raising_hand:🏼:

If someone's being really inappropriate, and you've already told them to stop in a nice way, is that then a good time to be "angry"? (More like firm)


Be firm, but don't get to a point where you know your parents wouldn't accept your firm-ness. If you know being firm is not enough, or if it's really out of control, call the leaders.


So many students! I'm so glad so many people joined! New students, please read the lesson above so you can catch up.
I skipped lots of lessons yesterday, so I'll review some of those lessons today.
Right now, I would like you to list as many forum creatures as you can without looking at the "Creatures of the Forum" topic.
You guys are working together!
List them below with the Global Edit:

Silverdolphin's names :

  • The Jumpyduckz
  • Chakins
  • Nomnoms
  • The Peeps
  • The Peepos
  • The Ashparagush Potatoes
  • The Wrenches
  • The Nopes

Squid-like, denk, and rare. Dislike humans.

  • Blurbs
    Shy. In the Qusid family. Rare.


Jumpyduckz that are magical and live in water :00

  • Phase Shadows
    Shy and majestical coders! :00

  • Mopes
    Magic things who wake up early and always.. Mope :000

  • Cuties
    They are very, very, very, very rare on this forum. They're Jacob Sartorius fans. Opinions disliked by Leafs.

  • Leafs
    Leafs dislike everyone and everything that had to do with anyone. They only like potatoes.

  • Rices
    Rices are people that like roasting.

  • Pingus
    Pingus are great artists and great friends.

  • Goat chakinz
    They are a bunch of coders that love goats. (Including but not limited to the mighty GoatLord)

  • The MiracleDuckz!
    This is a group of people that grant and give miracles! (Lead by @MiracleShoutout)

  • Hoppyduckz
    A mystical cousin of the jumpyduckz and the swimmyduckz, these creatures are friendly and love everything.

  • Nommyzombies
    Zombie- turned nomnom's.



  • Jumpyduckz
  • Chakins
  • NoNoms
  • The peeps
  • The peepos
  • the wrenches
  • the nopes
  • The Ashparagush potatoes


This assignment is a pre-test, it won't count against your grade! :D
(The Forum Creatures Assignment)


I was just gonna so this :sob: no offense. Bit since u made ill join yours


It's ok! You can make one too! :D